Apple iPad 9.7" (2017/2018) Premium Leather Book Wallet Case

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Apple iPad 9.7" (2017/2018) Premium Leather Book Wallet Case
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Our Apple iPad 9.7" (2017/2018) leather case is a great accessory for the sleek iPad 9.7" (2017/2018) edition. It is multi-functional as apart from protecting your iPad 9.7" (2017/2018) from the elements. This premium Leather case also has a sturdy stand which allows you use your iPad 9.7" (2017/2018) in several different viewing positions to work or watch a movie. This premium leather case is designed specifically for the iPad 9.7" (2017/2018) and is a perfect fit thus ensuring your gadget not only looks good but is adequately protected from bumps and grazes. The luxurious leather exterior has an amazingly lush feel and is very soft to touch while the interior gently cradles your iPad 9.7" (2017/2018) .The iPad 9.7" (2017/2018) Leather case offers premium protection without obstructing the view of your gadgets screen and also ensuring the microphone, camera, speaker, brightness sensor and charging ports are all easily accessible and can be used without removing the case. The case also provides adequate protection of the power switch and volume control so that easy operation is ensured. It comes in 3 natural colours - Black, Dark Brown and Tan.