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Get organised with these apps

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Want to forget that stressed and overworked feeling? Then start staying on top of your deadlines with these apps - they will help you on your way to becoming your most organised and efficient self!

Google Calendar

Having a clear idea of your schedule and deadlines is an essential part of being be organised. However, it can be tricky to keep all of this in check when you’re constantly on the go! That’s why Google Calendar is a must-have app! Whether you’re on your phone or your laptop, you can access your calendar wherever. Just log into your Gmail account, access the Google Calendar, and your schedule will automatically appear! The Google Calendar allows you to create events, notes and even tasks to complete that week – making organisation easy.


Many of us are moving towards paperless lifestyles, which allows us to travel more lightly and with ease. Evernote is a program that can prove hugely beneficial in this department! It’s essentially a notebook in digital form. You can create different notebooks and sections in each of those notebooks. For instance, you might like to create a different notebook for each of your school subjects. From there, each section may contain different types of notes, such as lectures, tutorials and assessments. You have the freedom to customise it however you like – allowing you to organise all your work effectively.


This app is the perfect way to keep your life in sync and get things done. You can create to-do lists for all aspects of your life, and even share these with family or colleagues. You can even set reminders for tasks, to keep you from missing deadlines! Best of all, you can use it across all of your different devices – so you’ll be in sync no matter where you are.

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